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Welcome to...
Downtown St. Albans

Something for Everyone!


There truly IS something for everyone’s special taste at the Vermont Maple Store!  Of course you will find your favorite table grade of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in good supply, packaged in several sizes of food grade plastic and metal containers.  Samples are available for testing.

What’s Your Choice?
These are new grades of Maple Syrup...

Golden Color, Delicate Taste
Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on food that permits its subtle flavor to be appreciated - a gourmet choice, and the preferred grade used in candies and other maple specialties

Amber Color, Rich Taste
Characteristic maple flavor; most popular for all-around use, particularly if you are going to choose just one grade of syrup.

Dark Color, Robust Taste
Heartier maple flavor; also popular for table and all-around use

And . . . all made only from pure Vermont maple syrup, heated to different temperatures, and prepared in time-honored ways, there is Pure Maple Cream - a  no-cholesterol spread for toast, English muffins and baked goods. Pure Maple Granulated Sugar (also called Indian sugar) which can be used as a flavorful substitute for ordinary white sugar. Pure Maple Candy, a traditional treat made from  maple syrup with no added ingredients, heated to just the right temperature, stirred and poured into molds.

Volunteers Making the Popular Festival Maple Candy Leaves

. . . the Vermont Maple Store has a wonderful assortment of products that take some of their distinctiveness from having the flavor of maple as one of their unique ingredients - Maple Jelly, Home Made Maple Bread, Chocolates, Cookies, Salad Dressing, Fudge, Lollipops, Mustard, Popcorn, Toppings, Maple Vinegar.

And there are sweatshirts, T shirts, caps and more to be found in the Exhibit Hall store.  Volunteer Staff will help you find a souvenir to remind you of the Festival all year long!

The Vermont Maple Store is located in the Exhibit Hall, number 6 on the Directions Map.  There is also a smaller maple store which can be found in a mobile unit on the Main Street.

OnSite Propane is sponsor of the Main Street Store

Many thanks to Hillside Plastics "Sugarhill Containers"
for their contribution to the Vermont Maple Festival