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Bus 1 - 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00
Bus 2 - 10:30, 12:30, 2:30
Buses leave from Church St. on upper side of Taylor Park
Sat. Only

Put away the car keys, and enjoy a complimentary bus trip to two of our local sugarhouses.  Busses leave from the Southwest Corner of Taylor Park, corner of Fairfield and Church, look for the sign.


Tom & Cecile Branon and their sons are 6th generation sugarmakers and have been certified organic since 2003. They boil sap from 66,000 taps located on their land in Fairfield and Bakersfield.

Approximately 24,000 of those taps comes directly into the sugarhouse. The first sugarhouse on this property was built in 1983 and then was expanded several times. In late summer of 2013 a decision was made to tear down the old sugarhouse and build one that could serve their needs as they continue to expand and diversify. The new sugarhouse was completed in time to be enjoyed and used for the 2014 season. They boil on a 6x16 oil fired Lapierre Turbo 3 with an advanced piggy back and use 3 Lapierre 8 post RO’s in Fairfield and 2 Lapierre 4 post RO’s in Bakersfield. In the summer of 2013 “Tapping the Sun” was realized when 18 solar trackers were installed to generate enough power to run the sugarhouse, workshop, house and pump houses located in Fairfield. Interest in this project began about 8 years ago and finally came together this past year. They have a web site and sell their value-added products all across the United States as well as internationally.     


Corey's Maple Orchard was established in 2000.  Gary Corey grew up in his families Dairy and Maple Sugaring business. His business began with 9,300 taps and is currently boiling sap from 80,000 taps of which 27,000 are his own and he purchases/ leases the sap from other locations. At his home sugarbush he still has the potential to expand.  The new sugarhouse was built in 2012 to accompany the growing business. There are 10 pump stations away from the sugarhouse of which 6 of these pump stations are maintained with crew members; Ethan Goldeski, Danielle Lang, Ed Lamos, Ray Hakey, Robert Paradee, Parker Forsyth, and Torrey Westover. This team makes it all possible for this sugaring operation to function smoothly.  Corey’s Maple Orchard transports the sap from the pump stations to the sugarhouse with 3 trucks, each carry a 4,000 gallon tank. The sap trucks dump on gravity into one of the 5 concrete tanks. Each tank has the capacity to hold 11,700 gallons which allows for total storage capacity of 58,000 gallons at the sugarhouse. There are 3 CDL Reverse Osmosis machines with the capability of processing 15,000 gallons of sap per hour. From there the sap is evaporated on two 6' x 18' CDL oil fired evaporators. Scott Greenwood is in charge of both of these evaporators and has boiled for Gary for the past 11 years. He is a huge asset to the operation. Since the new sugarhouse has been built they have processed 43,000 gallons of syrup in 2013 and 35,000 gallons in 2014. Gary has taken a family tradition and brought it down another generation with hopes for it to continue. Visitors are always welcome there to come check out how this great Vermont product is made in their facility.

Yankee Farm Credit & Clarence Brown are the sponsors of the Sugarhouse Tours.