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"Sugarmakers" is the Vermont name for men and women who collect sap and boil it to produce Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. This happens usually from mid - February through mid - April, usually beginning in the warmer southern part of the Green Mountain State , and ending in the northern regions.

During these months it is truly MAPLE TIME IN VERMONT .  Celebrations are held in many of Vermont ’s 14 counties. Among them are Vermont Maple Open House Weekend,  a statewide event, which ushers in the season with the Governor’s Tree Tapping Ceremony, followed by a weekend of open houses at sugaring places around the State.  The Vermont Maple Festival, held the last full weekend in April, concludes the sugaring season celebrations.  Although the Festival takes place in St. Albans, it is a large event (more than 50,000 people attend annually) that is for all Vermont sugarmakers and guests to the State who are ready to enjoy the end of the sugaring season with  three days of festivities for families and people of all ages.

Visitors to Vermont quickly find that maple is a big part of our culture at any time of the year - it’s  the Green Mountain State’s FIRST specialty product.  Some sugarhouses are also Retail Shops, and are open year round.  Farmer’s Marketsinvariably have one or more sugarmaker vendors who sell a variety of maple products.   Field Days and County Fairs during summer and autumn often have sugarhouses with educational displays, videos, and products for sale.  As a rule, the enticing aroma of maple candy being cooked, wafts through the air.  And as the Holiday season approaches, all sorts of maple products can be found at Craft Fairs.  Wherever you find Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, you will find someone who is happy to answer your questions about the product, and the process that is used in it’s production.

It is sometimes said that “maple is in the blood of Vermonters.”  A desire to learn about the newest and best sugaring practices and equipment, and a fierce determination to protect the quality of the product made in the state, led to the founding of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association, an organization begun in 1893, one of the oldest agricultural groups in the country.  Some sugarmakers use special containers produced for the Association, the proceeds of which help to support the work of the organization.  To learn more about the VMSMA, Maple Sugaring in Vermont , and Events during the maple season, please visit the website  

“Sugarmaker Tapping a Tree, Tubing Carries the Sap to the Sugarhouse”

“Olde Carriage Sugarwoods,
Charlotte Welcomes Guests"