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Kids Entertainment in Taylor Park

Updated: Mar 28

Kiddie Rides will be available in Taylor Park again this year. Come enjoy the fun!

Pipsqueak the Clown in Taylor Park

Friday, Face Painting 1pm-5pm

Balloon Maker & Face Painter "Little Fox Entertainment"

Friday – Face Painting 1-5

Saturday – Balloon Art for the Kids – 10-5

“High Energy Juggling Family Show” – Jason Tardy

Friday 1:00, 2:00, 4:30

You may have seen juggling, but you haven’t truly experienced it until you’ve seen the explosive, inventive, high-energy juggling of Jason Tardy. His show is a combination of many years of relentless practice, and virtually no social life whatsoever. His hilarious show includes innovative choreographed juggling to music, fitting his body through a tennis racket, bowling ball juggling, balancing a ladder on his face, standing on a yoga ball, and if you trust him enough; fire eating and fire breathing!

Greet & Meet after every show!

“Dragon Man”

Saturday 10:30, 12:00, 2:00, 3:00

The Dragon Man with his amazing feats of daring and skill include fire-eating, fire juggling, fire sword manipulation, and of course, FIRE BREATHING!

Greet & Meet after every show!

“Reach for the Stars” - Aim High Canines

Saturday 11:00, 1:00, 2:30

The Aim High Canines perform disc, dock, agility, tricks, and more at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, sporting events and private functions across the United States. Our motto is "Reach for the Stars." We believe that every person and every dog has what it takes to be great! All of our dogs have overcome significant challenges to become the stars that they are today. Some of them wouldn't be here if not for our perseverance!

Check out the web site and meet the crew!



10-5 In Taylor Park

10-5 at Craft SHow

10-4 In Kids Center (BFA Performing Arts Center)


10-3 Taylor Park




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