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Photography Contest

Updated: May 8

Sponsored by Village Frame Shoppe, Sunbelt Rental, Hampton Inn, McCraken Tent Rentals, Haddad Subaru. Hosted by Village Frame Shoppe

Best of Show: Adrien Plouffe - Smoke Ring

2024 Theme - "Totally Eclipsed by Vermont Maple"

Enter your photo in our annual amateur photo contest! If you think you have a picture that fits our theme, let us know. We'll judge you on a variety of criteria and pick a winner for each category!

All photos are judged by a panel of professional photographers. The contest is open to all Vermont amateur photographers.


Download forms:



• Process

• People

• Scenic

• Using Maple Syrup


2024 Photo Contest Winners

Best of Show

Adrien Plouffe - Smoke Ring

1st Place

Adrien Plouffe - The Golden Flow

2nd Place

Amy Listenik - Tapping Lesson

3rd Place

Adrien Plouffe - Solar Stack

Honorable Mention People

Adrien Plouffe - The Maker's Touch

Honorable Mention

Adrien Plouffe Fire, Flannel, and Family

Honorable Mention Scenic

Connie Boutin - Boiling Day with the Family

Honorable Mention Process

Adrien Plouffe - Crystal & Gold




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