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Sugarhouse Tours

Updated: Nov 1

Sponsored by Farm Credit East & Clarence Brown

April 27

There will be two tours offered. Both leaving from the corner of Church St. and Bishop Street St. Albans VT (just above Taylor Park)

2024 tours TBA

2023 The 1st Sugar house tour

Howrigan Family Maples located on Howrigan Road in Fairfield VT

Howrigan Family Farms is a seventh-generation family owned and operated maple sugaring operation located in Fairfield, Vermont. We blend generations of tradition with the latest technology to produce the best maple syrup in the world. Family comes first and producing high quality maple products is a close second.

Maple sugaring season is a busy time of year and begins for our family in early January and lasts well into April. It's a time of year we all look forward to as our families come together to work in the woods and prepare for the season. There is nothing better than the incomparable aroma of the boiling sap and the taste of syrup hot off the rig. Sharing this experience with neighbors, friends and visitors is part of who we are, and we look forward to carrying on these traditions for generations to come.

2023 2nd Sugar House tour

Johnson’s Mountain View Maples

This is a beautiful operation established in 2013 on Duffy Hill in Sheldon VT. Jon & Jake (father & son) tap 6000 and boil on a 4 X 15 Master Evaporator. They have a CDL 8 post Reverse Osmosis machine to process their sap to concentrate.

The view from this sugarhouse is beautiful. Jake is the boiler and they have help from Allen Myott that tends to the Filter press and barrel filling and Jamie Juaire that works the woods to keep them tight.




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